2018 0417 Luxe Kaori Takamura - 304.jpg

 Artist Statement:

Arizona artist Kaori Takamura is known for her vibrant, boldly graphic mixed media paintings. Once a graphic designer by trade, she balances the interrelationship between design and art through her explorations on canvas. Through symbols and her metaphorical “stitching” technique, Takamura transforms ordinary objects into commentaries on life. Takamura incorporates unconventional textile methods that are based on traditional fabric patterning, embroidery, and letterforms as a way of expressing our tangled and intricate everyday feelings.

These paintings, although resembling fabric or textile art, are in actuality mixed media large-sized acrylic paintings on artist’s canvas with separate silk screened shape elements that are hand cut or cut out using a laser cutter. Although based on patterns, each individual piece in the series is an original work expressing and or evoking subtle meanings and thoughts.

Takamura digitally rough sketches her concepts. Digital files of her cut-out shape elements including the stitching holes are transferred into vector line artwork that are then exported into AutoCAD files for large format laser cutting. After each cut-out shape element has been laser cut by an outside vender she applies additional silk screened prints on them. Takamura’s color choices are explored digitally before implementing onto the actual artist canvas through the mixing of various acrylic paints. Finally, the cut-out elements are hand stitched onto the painting canvas with the addition of loose threads and machine stitching.